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In 2020 we learnt the fragility of life, our freedom to travel was limited in ways we could never have imagined. We have taken a close look at the future of travel in 2021 and beyond. We believe that there will always be an undeniable and powerful human desire to explore.

As vaccination strategies are implemented around the world, we know this will act as the driver to push the travel industry into innovation. It will make travel safer and more enjoyable. While we know predicting the future is impossible, imagining a way forward is critical.

Here are our latest travel trends for 2021:

1. Travel Agents: Don’t Leave Home Without One


The pandemic has highlighted one critical element of travel, the importance of travel agents. Anyone who had planned their own international travel in 2020, most likely regretted it.

As a result of this, 2021 travel trends are predicting that travel agents will become an invaluable tool in the art of seamless travel. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, the best deals, or the latest updates on health and safety standards, consider it done and with peace of mind.

If you have had to change a trip or manage a travel disruption, then you can understand why it is the best thing for you to have a travel agent in your corner.

2. Going Big – The Year of Travel Dreams Coming True


The theme we’re seeing with travel trends in 2021 is a ‘go big’ mentality. Statistics tell us that a large percentage of travellers said that they would travel for 14 days of more with lesser trips throughout the year. This means for people itching to travel, it’s going to be long haul, immersive journeys.

To make up for lost time in 2020, travellers are going to gravitate towards ‘big idea” or ‘bucket list’ trips, looking to tick off those quintessential once-in-a-lifetime adventures. With added travel considerations, travellers will be looking for unique experiences that they can enjoy for an extended period of time.

3. Sustainable Travel – The Only Way to Travel


Before we were hit with a global pandemic, we were already on the road to understanding that our travel has a massive impact on the world around us, both good and bad. This forced pause has given travelers and travel industry globally an opportunity for us to think deeply about how we can make our travel matter.

If we look at various statistics, there is a growing number over the 60% mark of travellers who want to spend their money on travel that goes back into the community. In 2020, we had much needed time for reflection on the true meaning of travel – to connect to each other, to uplift each other and to protect the earth’s precious resources.

In 2021, we expect this travel trend to soar with travellers looking for these meaningful connections and to make-up for the lost time. At Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris we are committed to sustainable travel initiatives and you can see all that we are involved in here, including fully supporting our non-for-profit organization, the TreadRight Foundation.

4. Safety & Loyalty – Better Service than Ever Before


There is a new currency for earning a travellers’ trust – health, hygiene and safety. Airlines, airports and hotels with higher health and safety standards have the chance to set themselves apart by developing strict protocols.

So far, many have been quick to adapt to this demand and have developed comprehensive strategies that not only take care of their staff complement but also their valued guests. We have compiled a list of these protocols from various suppliers for your easy reference here.

We are certain that travellers’ wanderlust will be stronger than ever this year and the years to come. It will be a time of renewal and reconnection. We will all be more conscious of our travels, minimizing our footprints and making sure that our presence is having a positive impact on host destinations. We look forward to welcoming your guests back to Southern Africa!


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