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Our Guide to the Kruger National Park

Our Guide to the Kruger National Park

A Kruger Park safari gives you an authentic Big 5 wildlife experience that ranks among the best in Africa.

Established more than a century ago, the Kruger National Park is South Africa’s oldest wildlife reserve and one of the best places in the world for you to see leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant in the wild. Unrivalled in its diversity of flora and fauna, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species, including 147 mammals, 507 birds, 114 reptiles, 34 amphibians, 49 fish and 336 trees.

Plan your Kruger Park Safari: the Southern Region

The Kruger is a vast area of land that is about the size of Wales. Most visitors on Kruger National Park holidays explore the popular Southern Region, which has higher rainfall and a greater density of wildlife than the northern areas of the park. Naturally, this is a good area to see the Big 5. Expect to encounter elephants, rhinos, lions hippos, and crocodiles on a Kruger Park safari in the South.

Easily accessible by the majority of tourists, the Southern Region of the Kruger can be crowded, especially when it comes to animal sightings during peak times. When planning your southern Kruger Park safari, anticipate some congestion and allow yourself extra time for wildlife encounters.

Central Kruger National Park

The further north you go on a Kruger Park safari, the drier and more arid the landscape becomes, giving you greater opportunities to see further into the bush. Wildlife in the Central Region is more spread out, but no less abundant than in the South. The sweet grasses and browsing trees that grow here sustain the largest impala, buffalo, giraffe, kudu, wildebeest, zebra, waterbuck and sable populations in the reserve. In some parts of the Central Region, giraffe densities are as high as one animal per two square kilometres.

The area also supports nearly half of the park’s lion population and boasts sizeable numbers of leopard, hyena and cheetah. Elephants are also widely distributed throughout the Central Region, and your chances of seeing the elusive black rhino are good here too.

The basalt plains of the Central Region support a wealth of birds, but several species exhibit a particular preference for this habitat, including the pallid harrier, secretary bird, ostrich, kori bustard, red-backed mannikin, Swainson’s Francolin, chestnut-backed finch lark, double-banded sandgrouse and wattled starling.

Northern Kruger Park safari

Uniquely biodiverse, the Northern Region of the Kruger National Park is one of the few places where fever tree and baobab forests grow side by side. Besides the Big 5 and the significant presence of elephants in the North, the region is most famous for is its excellent birding.

Straddling the subtropical south and the tropical north, the Northern Region is one of the most exciting birding spots in the subcontinent. A northern Kruger Park safari will reward you with sightings of abundant and rare birdlife in a variety of habitats, including the crowned eagle, wattle-eyed flycatcher, Bohm’s Spinetail and the elusive and highly sought-after Pels fishing owl.

Kruger National Park safari highlights:

  • See the Big Five – Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino

  • Seek out the Little Five – Buffalo Weaver, Elephant Shrew, Leopard Tortoise, Ant Lion and Rhino Beetle

  • Spot the Birding Big Six – Ground Hornbill, Kori Bustard, Lappet-faced Vulture, Martial Eagle, Pel’s Fishing Owl and Saddle-bill Stork

  • Recognise five trees – Baobab, Fever Tree, Knob Thorn, Marula and Mopane

  • Explore cultural destinations – Letaba Elephant Museum, Jock of the Bushveld Route, Albasini Ruins, Masorini Ruins, Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Library and Thulamela

Our Top 3 Kruger Park Safari Tours

Our Kruger National Park tours include the area’s adjoining private reserves and concessions to offer you the choice of exclusive safaris or more affordable Kruger National Park holidays.

Kruger Park Explorer

Explore South Africa’s most famous wildlife destination on this guided 4-day Kruger Park safari. Set out on game drives in search of rich African wildlife and marvel at the expansive vistas of the Panorama Route and the unique landscape of the Blyde River Canyon, one of the largest canyons on earth.

Kruger Park Uncovered

For the ultimate Kruger Park safari, this luxury 3-day tour will give you exciting close encounters with the Big 5 and many other animals and birds. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the wilderness from your open safari vehicle.

Kruger Park Safari Getaway

Experience the Kruger on a 2-day tailor-made safari with Springbok Atlas. Enjoy early morning and sunset game drives, high tea in the bush, starlit dining at a private lodge and up-close wildlife encounters.

Enquire now about our extensive range of stand-alone Kruger Park safari packages or chat to us about the option to add on other exciting destinations such as Victoria Falls, Cape Town and the Garden Route.

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