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Honeymoons in Southern Africa are a wild celebration of love. They offer couples vast, open plains as far as the eye can see, skies that glitter with endless stars and lodges that are intimate and private. In some cases with only meandering elephants for neighbors.

Southern Africa has a plethora of the best honeymoon destinations. Some places remaining relatively unexplored, and some so remote, you and your betrothed will feel like the only two people on earth.

But, it can often be a daunting task to be able to decide where to honeymoon.

Should you go on safari? Should you lounge, toes in white sand, near azure waters of a beach honeymoon? Why not do both?

Fall in love with Africa. These are our top four choices for the best honeymoon destinations to celebrate your wild love.

Mozambique – A Dreamy Beach Honeymoon in Southern Africa

Mozambique is the quintessential beach paradise. This is where couples can experience beachside massages, spectacular sunset cruises in traditional sailing dhows and some of the best scuba-diving in the world.

It is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations. With its long swathes of unspoilt coastline, warm waters and pristine coral reefs, it is also easily combined with some bush safaris in South Africa.

The north and south of the country boast beautiful and secluded beaches. Luxury lodges beckon with the promise of romantic fine-dining and decadent spoils, making for a honeymoon to remember.

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South Africa – The Best of Both Worlds Safari & Beach

The rainbow nation of South Africa offers such a diverse set of destinations, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you are in the same country.

This is where safari honeymoons are favored, particularly in the Great Kruger area where luxury private concessions are geared for romantic stays.

When staying at a private game reserve, you can enjoy not only thrilling game drives in search of wild species, but guided bush walks and spot-lit night drives. You could even spend an evening under the stars in a luxury made-for-romance tree house.

South Africa offers the best of both worlds, bush and beach honeymoons. One night you could be in the wilds of Africa, listening to the roar of the lion, and the next you could be fine wining and dining in Cape Town, enjoying her blue-flag beaches and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Zambia – One of the Grand Honeymoons in Southern Africa

Zambia is a destination made famous by its adventure activities and the renowned Victoria Falls, a natural spectacle that quite literally takes the breath away.

You can spend your days white-river rafting, bungee jumping and reveling in sunset river cruises.

It’s a place of wild beauty. Some of it’s accommodation has earned the reputation ‘iconic’, such as the Royal Livingstone Hotel, a firm honeymoon favorite. As guests you can decide on your own itinerary. Have a romantic picnic lunch on Livingstone Island, sipping champagne just metres away from the edge of Victoria Falls.

Zambia is one of the best honeymoons in Southern Africa because it combines adventure and intimate experiences seamlessly.

Botswana – One of the Best Honeymoon Destinations

Going on Safari in Botswana is reminiscent of the first European explorers. They came across this untouched land and its wild inhabitants, seeing elephants in their thousands, big cats, wild dogs and rivers full of crocs and hippo.

Safari is the primary focus of a travel adventure to Botswana. But for romance seekers, there are a great number of luxury lodges that offer some world-class safari spas, gastronomy and outside sleeping platforms, where it’s just you, your loved one and the Milky Way.

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