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We have compiled the latest updates about travel regulations under lockdown pertaining to Southern African countries and will keep you updated as and when things change.

Due to the Level 3 restrictions in South Africa to contain the resurgence of the virus we are working remotely from home, as to maintain social distancing and do our part in flattening the curve until the 15 February 2021


Please be advised that these rules and restrictions are subject to change. Please contact us directly for the most up to date information.

South Africa

Currently, South Africa is under Level 3 of a Lockdown strategy. The following restrictions are in place:

  • A nationwide curfew from 23H00 until 04H00. If a flight arrives within the curfew hours, passengers will be able to show proof of their boarding passes or tickets for their flights if stopped by law enforcement en-route to their establishment.
  • Airports are still open and active.
  • The sale of liquor by licensed premises for off-site consumption is permitted from 10h00 to 18h00, from Mondays to Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The sale of liquor by licensed premises for on-site consumption is permitted, from 10h00 to 22h00. The above does not apply to duty-free shops, registered wineries, wine farms. microbreweries and micro-distilleries – these establishments may sell alcohol for off-site consumption during their normal operating hours, per their licenses.
  • Open for International Travel. South Africa’s land borders are currently closed until estimated mid-February.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory.


Botswana has extended its state of public emergency until 31 March 2021.

The following restrictions are in place:

  • A nationwide curfew from 20H00 until 04H00.
  • Botswana is divided into nine COVID-19 zones. You will need to apply for an interzonal travel permit to travel between zones.
  • Sale and consumption of alcohol has been suspended until 31 January 2021.
  • Open for international travel.


As of 05 January 2021, Zimbabwe has instituted a new nationwide lockdown in an effort to curb the spread.

The following restrictions are in place:

  • Nationwide curfew from 20H00 to 05H30.
  • Open for international travel.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory.
  • Movement is limited to buying food, seeking medical assistance and transporting ill relatives.

These measures are expected to be in place until the 01 March 2021.


  • Wearing of masks is mandatory.
  • Open for international travel.
  • Nationwide curfew from 21H00 to 04H00.
  • Alcohol may be sold on-site and for trade Monday to Saturdays 09:00-20:00.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining tables must be spaced 2m apart.


Zambia is not currently under lockdown but is adhering to strict health and safety protocols.

  • Open for international travel.

You can continue to use the below line mangers email addresses and cell phone numbers.

After hours/work from home divisional cell numbers

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Germany: +27 82 318 1895
Italy: +27 82 440 1157
India: +27 83 561 3379

Line Managers contact details

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