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Best Times to Travel to Botswana

Best Times to Travel to Botswana

Botswana is undoubtedly the home of the authentic safari, where wildlife spectacles create unforgettable African moments and we want to share with you the best times to travel to Botswana.

Botswana is well known for its exclusive offerings of high calibre safari lodges that seamlessly blend luxury surroundings with a landscape of distinctive contrasts. Many of the regions within Botswana are considered iconic and bucket-list worthy.

It’s no secret that it is blessed with some of Africa’s best reserves. The Chobe National Park has been dubbed, the ‘Land of Giants’, because it has the largest single concentration of elephants on the African continent.

The magic of the Okavango Delta is famous for being the world’s largest inland delta and it’s pristine, remote African experience where some parts are only accessible by air. The Moremi Game Reserve is a twitcher’s paradise and the stark, dramatic landscapes of the Kalahari Desert and the iconic Makgadikgadi Salt Pans promise an experience unlike any other.

The best times to travel to Botswana really depend on what you want to experience. Keep in mind that this destination is considered a year-round destination, there is never a ‘bad’ time to book a Botswana safari.

The Dry Season – May to October

May is the start of the dry season and offers clear skies and moderate temperatures. Some of the best times to travel to Botswana would be the months of June, July and August, particularly to visit the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park.

Wildlife is in true abundance during these months and the viewings are nothing short of spectacular. There is virtually no rain during these months and the risk of Malaria is at its lowest. It does, however, get chilly in the mornings and evenings.

September and October are the driest and hottest months of the year for Botswana. This is when wildlife will congregate in large numbers around limited water sources, and there is not much vegetation to get in the way of some of the greatest game viewing opportunities.

Wet Season – November to April

Between these months, it is the rainy season for Botswana. It’s one of the best times to travel to Botswana because although temperatures are high and it can be quite humid, it is a verdant paradise, painted green by Mother Nature.

This is the ideal time to view wildlife during their calving season, when newborn animals are a magnificent sight and for birder lovers, this is when a huge influx of these winged creatures migrate into the Okavango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve.

December, January and February make up what is known as the ‘Green Season’ and it has the highest rainfall during this time. Some lodges and camps close, however, for the intrepid traveller this is the best time to take advantage of lower rates and lesser crowds.

By March and April, the rain is usually confined to afternoon showers and is also considered one of the best times to travel to Botswana because of the temperate climate.

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