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More property updates we have received recently.


One & Only Cape Town

The One & Only Cape Town hotel’s reimagination (refurbishment) will be start from July 2021 and they are hoping to be done with all areas of work by March 2022. The work will be spread out over phases and all consideration will to taken to keep guest impact at a minimum.

Holiday Inn Sandton

Holiday in Sandton is scheduled to open on the 17th January 2022. The date is temporary based on the current need and will be adjusted if business increases.

Blue Train

Blue Train has implemented mandatory rapid COVID-19 testing in addition to the existing pre-screening procedures. Guests are requested to arrive at least 3 hours prior to departure, in order to allow sufficient time for COVID-19 rapid testing. The Blue Train will carry the cost for the Rapid Covid-19 test. These tests will be conducted at The Blue Train VIP Lounges prior to departure

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